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Tamaly Bar
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Sunday, December 5th, 2004
2:00 am
Tonight I enjoyed Tamaly Bar’s new Winter course menu, along with FaithfulModer and Blackkitten007. It was so new, in fact, that they hadn’t even printed out menus yet! So the hot waiters were sweet enough to be bothered to write out the menu by hand for me! YAY! Anyway, it was delicious as always, and a little bit lighter than the Fall menu, but not by much, somehow it felt, I don’t know, less oil/fat based.

Anyway, here’s the breakdown of the course:

1st course: Minced chicken breast and ham on a fried vegetable chip, topped with mustard sauce

- GacktIsGod: Yum. A very rich flavor with the tiniest bit of spice added by the sprinkling of mustard. The portions were just bite sized, and definitely left you wanting more!

2nd course: Marinated salmon with daikon

- GacktIsGod: This was good but slightly ordinary in that you’d expect to eat something like this at almost any Japanese restaurant. Tasty, but not so inventive. It provided a good “tart” balance to the richness of the ham dish.

3rd course: Fried ika (squid) rings stuffed with hotate (surf clam) and foie gras in balsamic vinegar.

- GacktIsGod: The heaviness of this dish was cut nicely by the vinegar. I think this was the “theme” of the Winter menu: fattier/oilier/savory foods balanced by slightly sour vinegars and marinades. It was a wise combination that kept you from feeling too full too fast. This also had to be the most tender, well-cooked squid I’ve EVER eaten, it just melted in my mouth with none of that rubbery/chewy texture I’ve come to associate with squid or octopus. Culinary GOLD in my book.

-Faithfulmoder – My God, this was good. One of the best dishes of the night.

4th course: Slivered daikon, fresh spinach, fried Chinese noodle with ikura (salmon caviar) Ceasar salad.

- GacktIsGod: This time the bitterness of the daikon and spinach leaves was countered nicely by the saltiness of the ikura and the fried noodles. The combined textures were interesting and well executed – the soft ikura popped and melted in your mouth (“like little salt bombs” as Blackkitten007 put it ~_^) while the noodles and daikon delicately crunched. Definitely the most interesting salad I’ve ever eaten.

5th course: Himedai fish, sautéed in a dashi and wine marinade, served with steamed carrots, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and asparagus and sprinkled with black pepper.

- GacktIsGod: This was possibly one of their most delicious fish dishes. It was very buttery, probably from the sauté or the oil in the skin which was very delicately crispy. The vegetables were very soft for having been steamed, and their flavor was a good way to lighten the fish oils.

6th course: Beef brisket served with broccoli, boiled daikon, gobo (burdock root), mountain greens, and a dab of handmade Dijon mustard, sprinkled with Romano cheese.

- GacktIsGod: This version was much better than the Fall menu version, I felt. The strong aroma of the cheese lent an interesting dimension to the savory meat; it was a nice way to counter the richness without resorting to something sour/vinegar based, as that would not have blended well (with the beef) in this case. The portion was also much larger than last time, maybe a whole third again as large as before.

7th course: Tamaly Bar Thai-style tam yang kun soup.

- GacktIsGod: This is the only section of the course that never changes. Thank GOD for that. I would go insane without my Tamaly Bar soup fix. (Last time I went from 12am-5am and ordered 5 bowls of it, just for me. YUM to the nth degree.) It’s spicy, it’s got greens and mushrooms, and it’s got a nice blend of lime juice to combat the spice and keep it interesting. I bow to Gackt’s culinary genius. *bows*

8th course: Soy milk jelly with chopped apple in champagne

-GacktIsGod: Great dessert, until I realized it was carbonated and almost died from eating it. *laugh* (Yes, I have a rare food allergy that prevents me from enjoying ANYTHING that has been carbonated. It sucks, and because it’s chemical in nature, it’s not a food allergy that will ever go away, unlike my other food allergies.) However, the nice waiters, supplying us with the best customer service in this country, remade the dessert at no extra charge for me without the offending alcohol. It was a lightly sweet dessert; something I can easily imagine Gackt eating, since he doesn’t like sweet things (besides fruit).

- Faithfulmoder Dessert comment! – This is one of the most interesting desserts I’ve had in a while as it mixed the sweetness of apples with tofu. Yummy.

It was a great night, except for the fact that I almost ended up “taking a ride on the Midnight Express” (I said “driving the porcelain bus” but since Gackt’s toilet is black, Xty decided this was a more appropriate term, hehe) due to my record-breaking disposal of 4 3/4 cocktails and 1 glass of red wine within an hour and a half time period and with no prior food intake from morning until Tamaly. I need to slow it down. Man, it’s not a contest... that is, until Gackt gets involved, at least. ~_^

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Sunday, September 12th, 2004
3:00 pm
gacktisgod visited the Tamaly Bar.
Here's her review.
Friday, July 30th, 2004
10:47 pm
I thought....
it might be interesting for you to know the adress of the Tamaly Bar:

〒150-8681  東京都渋谷区渋谷郵便局留 「Tamaly Bar」 宛

the website adress: Tamaly Bar
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